The Barloworld Transport Training Academy together with Manline Freight and Manline Energy (subsidiaries of Barloworld Transport), recently held a graduation ceremony for learners who were found competent on two separate learnership qualifications – namely the National Certificate: Professional Driving, NQF Level 3 and the National Certificate: Contact Centre Support, NQF Level 2.

What was the occasion about?

The occasion was a celebration of the achievements of 28 disabled learners as well as 10 professional driver graduates.

The graduates were addressed by both the acting TETA (Transport Education and Training Authority) Road Freight Chamber Executive and the Education, Training and Development Practitioner of TETA (Transport Education and Training Authority), who provide support and grant funding to training programmes run by The Barloworld Transport Training Academy.

Khaya Ngubane (TETA), in acknowledgment of the slogan of the Department of Higher Education & Training (DHET) “Turning every workplace into a training space”, stated that “today we see this slogan turned into action through this graduation. DHET’s vision is to create a capable workforce for the country. Barloworld Transport today assists the country to achieve this vision.”

Where to from now for the learners?

The qualifications were comprised of both theoretical and workplace experience, enabling learners to develop tangible skills which they can utilise to access real employment opportunities.

The top learners from these programmes are absorbed into the organisation and provided with permanent employment opportunities.

The importance of these programmes to Barloworld Transport

Barloworld Transport has set up and established a fully accredited training centre – The Barloworld Transport Training Academy. The programmes provided by The Barloworld Transport Training Academy enable the organisation to address skills requirements and development needs.

Currently, The Barloworld Transport Training Academy is running over 500 learnership and apprenticeship programmes for both employed and unemployed learners throughout Southern Africa. These programmes are run in conjunction with our subsidiary companies and supported by stakeholders such as TETA and the UIF. We have recently embarked on a diesel mechanic project for 30 unemployed learners and a professional driving learnership for 40 female unemployed learners.