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Smart partnerships create a competitive advantage for our clients. Through collaboration and co-operation, Barloworld Transport provides a strategic and overarching functional support service to the individual business units that operate within the organisation.


Cane24 provides an integrated supply chain solution that is revolutionising the sugarcane transport industry.

With more than 26 years' experience hauling sugarcane and servicing customers in KwaZulu-Natal, we are set to expand into other territories with our innovative approach to sugarcane logistics and solutions.

Offering the latest, most efficient and most versatile vehicle combinations in the industry, Cane24 makes delivery from depot to the sugar mill a no-hassle affair. Our fleet of high volume, lightweight trailers allows for increased payloads of up to 37 tonnes while ensuring environmentally friendly haulage.

Dedicated loading equipment makes loading fast, neat and safe, both in the depot and the mill yard.

Through a combination of technology, focused industry experience, and carefully selected sub-contracted suppliers, we provide comprehensive solutions that deliver service and flexibility you can rely on.

Better All The Way

With the highest payload and volumetric efficiency, further enhanced by the use of on-board weighing, Cane24 delivers better performance and increased productivity at reduced costs.

Bigger Loads More Efficiently

Cane24 makes use of the first Performance-Based System (PBS) sugarcane combination, based on the Timber24 blueprint, which is set to revolutionise the transportation of this commodity locally. These PBS units are 23 metre combinations allowing for an additional nine tonnes per load - can carry legal payloads of up to 49.5 tonnes, improving transport efficiencies and significantly reducing costs.

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