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Smart partnerships create a competitive advantage for our clients. Through collaboration and co-operation, Barloworld Transport provides a strategic and overarching functional support service to the individual business units that operate within the organisation.


With our innovative approach to timber logistics and forestry solutions, Timber24 has become an industry leader and the largest business of its kind in the country.

Our advanced fleet of specialised timber trucks and material handling equipment provides short haul, loading, transport and unloading services throughout Southern Africa.

Timber24 operates a fleet of specialised timber trucks in KwaZulu-Natal, the Eastern Cape, Mpumalanga and Swaziland. On the short haul, dedicated 6x6 ADTs with cranes extract timber to landings where it is accessible to our timber trucks. Dedicated loading equipment safely and neatly load trucks in under 15 minutes, while excavators and payloaders are used for loading, unloading and handling logs at mill yards and depots.

More Performance And More Savings

Timber24 pioneered Performance-Based Systems (PBS) in the local timber industry as far back as 2007. Now game-changing innovations are improving on old designs, resulting in savings of up to 15% on the delivery cost for our clients.

Shortening the trailer without sacrificing payload or safety, and equipping PBS vehicles to carry higher payloads per trip, thereby requiring fewer trips, can lead to significant annual savings for all stakeholders.

With its ultra-tractable design, a PBS vehicle can access tighter routes due to its improved tracking, which requires less swept width. This allows for greater flexibility on the routes on which it is permitted to travel. In addition, fewer Department of Transport limitations apply due the vehicle's shorter length and overall design. Furthermore, fewer trips means improved safety - road risk and exposure is reduced by up to 25%.

With PBS, Timber24 continues to pioneer new and more efficient ways of serving clients and pushing industry boundaries.

Timber24 has been RTMS (Road Transport Management System) accredited since 2007 and is committed to eliminating overloading in the timber industry. All our vehicles are fitted with on-board weighting systems that enable drivers to optimise timber payloads without overloading.

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