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Smart partnerships create a competitive advantage for our clients. Through collaboration and co-operation, Barloworld Transport provides a strategic and overarching functional support service to the individual business units that operate within the organisation.


Barloworld Transport is the brand behind our dedicated transport contracts and outsourced fleet service. Specifically, we offer our clients exclusive and own-branded fleets, supported by dedicated staff either in owned depots or based on customer sites.

More than 1 100 people are employed in this area of our business, which provides almost 600 vehicles to clients in the agriculture, mining, waste, construction and FMCG sectors in South Africa, Botswana and Mozambique.

The Barloworld Transport team has a wealth of experience across a number of industries and product types, including dry bulk, animal feed, construction materials, furniture, fast moving consumer goods, parts and accessories, bulk mining and waste. We work closely with our clients to develop smart partnerships that offer outstanding customer service and that present opportunities for innovation, continuous improvement and growth.

Our focus on vertical markets means we are geared to meet the transport needs of the following specific industries:

  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Environmental
  • Building and construction
  • FMCG
  • Commercial

Our services go beyond merely transporting goods. Where projects require it, we will also:

  • Calculate the maximum legal payloads and vehicle utilisation for each operation, in line with safety standards, product types and operating hours
  • Employ route-modelling tools and scheduling software to calculate the optimal route plan and delivery schedule for each operation
  • Calculate and proactively manage fleet configurations and sizes to ensure maximum vehicle and payload utilisation throughout the year, with smart contingency plans to cope with peak periods
  • Use full lifecycle costing and total cost of ownership modelling to calculate the most cost-effective solution for each operation
  • Allocate a team of dedicated, highly skilled personnel to collaborate with you on your account
  • Use only the latest, most innovative technology in our operations

Barloworld Transport has a track record of service excellence, innovation, safety and advanced fleet management capabilities. It's how we deliver sustainable results that not only reduce risk and costs, but increase service levels, reliability and flexibility. Enhancing flexibility in a supply chain creates a unique competitive advantage that is not only fit for purpose today but one that provides a platform for strategic change and growth into the future.

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  • Barlowpark
  • 180 Katherine Street
  • Sandton 2196
  • Gauteng
  • South Africa

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