Barloworld Transport urges all road users to plan ahead and make this Easter a safe and happy holiday season

23 March 2016: Every year after major holiday seasons, South Africans are told about horrific accidents and the rising numbers of deaths on the road. Barloworld Transport makes a concerted effort to ensure South African roads are safe by training their drivers, ensuring they get enough rest, and through advanced in-cab technology allowing the driver and truck to be monitored remotely.

The company also has strict policies and procedures that drivers are required to adhere to. “Keeping our drivers safe is also a broader part of keeping the roads safe,” says Sue Oosthuizen, Head of Risk at Barloworld Transport. “The roads are there for everyone’s benefit and use, but with that comes responsibility. We take ours very seriously, but the lessons we learn on a daily basis are valuable to all road users.”

As the Easter holiday season approaches Barloworld Transport has put together some safety tips for those travelling over the period, so motorists can plan ahead and avoid the snags that can cause minor and major incidents on the road.

Six Safety Snippets:

  1. Plan your route ahead of time and allow yourself enough time to reach the destination. Factor in time to take regular breaks, so you are rested and don’t feel rushed.
  2. Check all lights and indicators, windscreens and wipers, brakes, steering, shock absorbers, exhaust system and tyres carefully before hitting the road. You don’t want to end up stranded in the middle of nowhere!
  3. Rest: make sure you are well rested before you depart on your journey, and don’t take any medication that may cause drowsiness.
  4. Time: if possible, plan your trip to avoid driving at night when you and other road users are tired, or during twilight when visibility is poor.
  5. Just in case: ensure you have all your emergency numbers at hand:
    • Police Flying Squad: 10111
    • Ambulance: 10177
    • Crime Stop: 086000 10111
    • Cellphone emergency number 112 (Cell C, MTN and Vodacom)
  6. Papers: make sure you have a valid driver’s licence, that the car’s licence is up to date, and if you’re travelling across borders, don’t forget to pack your passport!

Barloworld Transport wishes all South Africans a safe and happy Easter holiday, particularly those out on the roads, headed to family and holiday destinations.