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Specialist Cargo

freight solutions.

Through our dedicated contracts, outsourced fleets and industry specific business units, Barloworld Transport offers flexible, innovative transport solutions geared to meet the transport needs of specific industries.


From agriculture and construction to mining and timber, Barloworld Transport has developed specialist expertise when it comes to the movement of goods in a variety of industry sectors.
We take a holistic view of your supply chain, paying particular attention to the nature of the cargo. By understanding the sector in which you operate and the specific transport requirements of your cargo, we are able to deliver a bespoke service that caters to your specific needs.

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Barloworld Transport started distributing animal feed in 2003. Starting with only two mills, our network has subsequently expanded to include multiple sites across the country. We are continually extending our product offering across the poultry supply chain and now include the transportation of feed, grains, edible oils, day-old chicks and chickens.

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Operating under the Cane24 brand, Barloworld Transport provides an integrated supply chain solution for the sugarcane industry. Our fleet comprises the latest, most efficient and most versatile vehicle combinations in the industry, including PBS Smart Trucks that can carry an additional nine tonnes per load. Dedicated loading equipment in the depot and the mill yard ensures quick and efficient loading and off-loading on both ends.

With the highest payload and volumetric efficiency, further enhanced by the use of on-board weighing, Cane24 delivers exceptional performance and productivity at highly competitive rates.

Operated By Cane 24


Barloworld Transport's timber transport solutions are provided under the Timber24 brand, which has become an industry leader and the largest business of its kind in South Africa.

Our advanced fleet of specialised timber trucks and material handling equipment provides short haul, loading, transport and unloading services in KwaZulu-Natal, the Eastern Cape, Mpumalanga and Swaziland. We can also manage a fully integrated timber supply chain solution that provides the flexibility and scope of services you need to keep your business moving.

Our fleet makes use of "Smart Trucks", which can carry higher payloads per trip, thereby requiring fewer trips, resulting in improved safety and significant annual savings.

Operated By Timber 24


In 2010 Barloworld Transport started transporting platinum concentrate from the Western Limb mining region around Rustenburg, to smelters in Limpopo and North West Province. Our PBS interlink side tipper trailers (Smart Trucks) can carry up to 48 tonnes of concentrate.

Our client base has since grown to include some of South Africa's leading mining companies.

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With mounting pressure for companies to comply with environmental legislation, the waste management industry is poised for significant growth. Barloworld Transport is active in this sector, providing transport solutions for major national waste management companies.

We also have the capability and capacity to offer a specialist ad hoc and long-term fleet rental service for any organisation involved in waste management, including recycling, landfill disposal, etc.

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Building and Construction

Barloworld Transport has long and successful ties with the construction industry. Our longest-standing partnership, with Southern Africa's leading cement supplier, dates back to 1995. We also have solid working relationships with a number of producers of lime and brick products.

Our cement bulk tankers and flat-deck configurations operate on a contractual and ad hoc basis throughout South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

The construction arm of Barloworld Transport also manages a distribution warehouse in Polokwane and operates an owner-driver programme. Through this programme we contract with more than 65 former Barloworld Transport drivers who now operate their own businesses in Gauteng, Limpopo and the Western Cape.

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Barloworld Transport manages a fleet of over 100 small-to-medium sized vehicles for one of the country's leading retail businesses, delivering general merchandise, food and liquor to forecourts, B&Bs, restaurants and game lodges. We also deliver finished goods, such as bread, flour and maize, to wholesalers and retailers throughout KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape.

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Food & Beverage

Barloworld Transport’s specialist commercial division services clients in a wide range of sectors. Our offering incorporates innovative transport solutions, X-dock warehousing, food grade compliance standards and just-in-time, just-in-sequence logistics principles.

The team has extensive knowledge and experience in the use of tanker, flat-deck and closed body vehicles to transport raw bulk and refined sugar to refineries and process plants, bulk product from plant to customers, and cross-border freight.

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We provide longhaul transportation of parts for major vehicle manufacturers, from suppliers to factory, with a cross-docking facility to optimise full truck loads.