Front no-go zone Cutting in front of a truck can be a fatal mistake. At 80km/h it takes the length of about a rugby field for a truck to come to a complete stop.

Safety Tips:

  • Allow at least one car length for every 16km/h you are travelling before merging in front of a truck
  • When passing a truck, never cut in front of it and then slow down

Wide turns Trucks make wider turns than cars. So be aware that a truck may need to swing either to the left or right to avoid sidewalks, signs and utility poles. Drivers who stay aware and give trucks room will be safe.

Safety Tips:

  • Give trucks plenty of room to turn safely

Side no-go zone Trucks have extremely large blind spots on both sides. Even with large side-view mirrors, truck drivers can’t see everything around them. Driving in these areas can be dangerous.

Safety tips:

  • Stay out of a truck’s blind spot.
  • If you have to pass, give yourself plenty of space and extra time.
  • Avoid driving alongside a truck for long periods of time.